Talk about getting the word out!  We’ve seen our little 5-Year Engagement cosmetic bags all over the interweb lately.  And not only that, the new Universal film 5-Year Engagement has been getting a lot of buzz on popular wedding blogs like 100 Layer Cake.  I mean, how could they not?!


Our custom cosmetic bag came complete with a compact hairbrush mirror, purse hanger, eye mask, nail file matchbook, lip gloss, and engagement ring wine stopper all bundled in a non-woven eco-friendly bag.

The movie features Emily Blunt and Jason Segel during their constantly extending engagement.  The screenplay was developed by Jason Segel himself, so it looks to have a huge measure of laughs along for the ride.   Be sure see this rom-com when it hits theaters, April 27th.  And definitely check out their ever hilarious wedding blog.
If you are interested in creating a bag like this please feel free to contact us for more information regarding pricing and fulfillment.