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Back in December, Google hosted Doc Sprint Mountain View – a forum to perfect Google’s Web Platform Docs.  Over 35 attendees worked on the site for the day where they had a chance to get at some “cool swag”.


Google reached out to us to help them create custom swag to hand out to all of the attendees.  And they weren’t kidding about custom.  Every piece of this swag was original.  We created the pieces, sourced the packaging, and worked with them on how the whole item would fit together and display.  Ultimately we ended up with a 35 piece interactive swag kit.  Not bad!

If you are ever interested in creating a custom item like this, please don’t hesitate to contact us.  We can help you design a completely custom piece of swag for your next promotion!  Contact us and we will provide you a wealth of unique and refreshing ideas.

Picture 7

After all of the impressive Golden Globe and Oscar fanfare, Les Misérables looks to be a movie many will want to get their hands on and take home.  They racked up 3 Golden Globes including Best Picture, Best Actor, and Best Supporting Actress; 8 Academy Award Nominations including Best Picture, Best Actor, and Best Supporting Actress; 4 SAG Awards, and many many more.  You will have the chance to own Les Misérables on Blu-Ray and DVD March 22nd, which is coming up fast.

We were given the opportunity to create these compact earbuds for the release:

Picture 8Picture 9

If you are interested in this item or would like to create a promotion like this, contact us with your questions!

21 & Over, a brand new American teen comedy, releases this Friday, March 1st.  Writers of The Hangover made their directorial debut with this now relatable  “coming of age” story.  The plot follows straight-A student, Jeff, and his friends as they get him severely smashed the night before a medical school interview.  This particular night happens to be his 21st birthday, leading to more debauchery than initially planned.  The film looks to be full of humiliation and many a drunken stupor.  So, check it out, if that’s your thing.  Should be good for a few gross laughs.

For the premiere we were asked to create the iconic “underwear bear” that makes several appearances in the film.  The handymen here at Massive made it happen and here are the results:

21 undies final

and, in action at the premiere:

Picture 3

Picture 4

If you ever feel so inclined to create a promotion like this, feel free to contact us with questions.  We will go the distance to create something custom for you, even if it is bear underwear…..

The movie Identity Thief premieres today, starring Jason Bateman and Melissa McCarthy.  The story follows Colorado resident Sandy Bigelow Patterson who happens to have his identity stolen by a wily Floridan named Diana.  After little help from the police, Sandy decides to take the retrieval of his identity into his own hands.  It looks to be a movie full of slapstick and one-liners, audiences won’t be disappointed.

Picture 2Picture 6

Picture 1

For this film we created a pair of t-shirts that reflected the concept on the posters released by Universal Pictures.  One features “Sucker” on the front and the other “Thief”.  And of course, we had to create a credit card holder.

Get out to the theaters and check out Identity Thief!  And if you’d like to create a promotion like this feel free to contact us on our website:

Judd Apatow’s This is 40 comes out this Friday!  The film is the “sort-of sequal” to Knocked-Up.  We follow characters Pete and Debbie through the trials and tribulations of getting older.  Melissa McCarthy, Megan Fox, and Jason Segel join them on the wild ride.  We had the chance to look over the script before the release of the film, and we can assure you that there will be no disappointments.

For this particular film, we produced a few quality items:  a premium plush robe with embroidered logo, an exercise kit, a classic henley, and a catchy “Keep Calm this is 40” cotton/poly blend t-shirt.  The interweb is buzzing about the movie with prize packs galore.  Be sure to check out the movie over the holidays!

this is 40 henley film-title-this-is-40

If you have any questions about any of these items or how to create a promotion like this one, please contact us!

The buzz around Universal’s new movie Pitch Perfect has been skyrocketing.  The much anticipated release of the film is this Friday, October 5.  The story follows a group of a capella singing undergrads fighting to prove themselves on the stage.  We produced a tank, t-shirt, lip balm, and earbuds for the upcoming release.  Check out the swag below that was distributed in prize packs all over the country:



If you would like to create items like this for your next promotion, feel free to contact us for information regarding options and pricing.

Savages opened on July 6th across the US and Massive helped get the buzz started.  The dark nature of the film leant itself to some pretty great swag.  We produced a two color Day of the Dead style t-shirt, custom branded blister pack gum, and a pulp board coaster set.  All of which were collected into prize packs advertised all over the blogosphere.  We found this photo below on a Kansas radio station’s website:


Not a bad prize if we do say so ourselves.  Here is a look at the other items we produced for the film.  And don’t forget to check out the movie, which is still in theaters!

Picture 2



Picture 3 Picture 4


And, as always, if you’d like to create items like these for your next promotion please don’t hesitate to contact usfor more information.


The Amazing Spider-Man premiers today in Los Angeles with a US and Canada openings on July 3rd.  The much anticipated film is sure to blow away audiences around the world.  At the Germany Premiere, we caught a glimpse of our Amazing Spider-Man t-shirt on Producer Avi Arad (second from the left).
We used a patented bleach process to create the unique Spider-Man print on a custom dyed distressed tee.  If you would like to create a custom t-shirt like this for your next event don’t hesitate to contact Steve Mills for more information (
spider tee final

Talk about getting the word out!  We’ve seen our little 5-Year Engagement cosmetic bags all over the interweb lately.  And not only that, the new Universal film 5-Year Engagement has been getting a lot of buzz on popular wedding blogs like 100 Layer Cake.  I mean, how could they not?!


Our custom cosmetic bag came complete with a compact hairbrush mirror, purse hanger, eye mask, nail file matchbook, lip gloss, and engagement ring wine stopper all bundled in a non-woven eco-friendly bag.

The movie features Emily Blunt and Jason Segel during their constantly extending engagement.  The screenplay was developed by Jason Segel himself, so it looks to have a huge measure of laughs along for the ride.   Be sure see this rom-com when it hits theaters, April 27th.  And definitely check out their ever hilarious wedding blog.
If you are interested in creating a bag like this please feel free to contact us for more information regarding pricing and fulfillment.
Lorax Fever is in full swing!  Dr Seuss’ The Lorax  film release is this Friday, March 2nd across the country.  But, thousands have already gotten familiar with the iconic yellow mustache, thanks to Massive Marketing’s paper mustaches, synthetic hair mustaches, and full color Lorax t-shirts.  You can see the ‘staches in action here in Los Angeles, Atlanta, and at NY Fashion Week.  Check out full descriptions of our Lorax swag here.
And definitely take the time to check out this video where Danny DeVito, the voice of the Lorax, admits to voicing in many different languages without knowing any of them on the Today Show with Matt Lauer.  And hey, he even rocked our mustache for a while…..
Finally, if you still haven’t gotten enough of the Lorax Mustache you can head over to their facebook page to download the app that will apply the mustache to your facebook photos.